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Money Matters

Everything you Might want to know about Relay Money

Fundraising & Collections

As you know there are many ways of raising money for your team.  You could hold a quiz night, pamper evening or do a sky dive or a headshave. Whatever you are planning please let us know if you need any help. If you give us the details we can promote your event on the website and on social media. 

Please make sure that you keep any receipts for your events carefully and that the money you make is counted with your team captain or another adult and handed in or paid in online as quickly as possible as described in the next section, Banking Money.

You will all know that whatever event you are doing, a good way of raising a bit more money is to hold a raffle.  This is known as a cloakroom raffle  and can easily be run at a physical event where it is drawn at the location at a fixed time.

Sadly the Gambling Commission has very strict rules about how raffles must be run and it does not allow raffles held virtually because they are not being held at a physical location.  Therefore the Committee is not allowed to promote any virtual raffles on social media because they are not being held at a physical event.  

As soon as we are able to do physical events we will be able  to hold these cloakroom raffles at many events as before.

The Committee will be running a large Free Prize Draw next year – more details early in 2021. 

Gift Aid

As you may know the Government will add Gift Aid to any donation made to our relay under certain rules.   So if you make a donation of £10 and you qualify for Gift aid the government will add an extra 25% to that donation so your donation of £10 will give £12.50 to CRUK.

Any donation made to a CRUK can qualify for Gift Aid if :-

  1. a Gift aid form is completed and submitted to CRUK. The form must be completed with the donor’s full name, home address, postcode and the date of the donation.
  2. the donor must be a UK Taxpayer.

Examples of valid Gift Aid Donations are:-

  1. donations made by individuals of their own money
  2. candle of hope Donations, as HMRC has agreed that they have an insignificant monetary value.

If you have received any benefit then the charity cannot reclaim the Gift Aid.

Examples of things which cannot be gift-aided:-

·       Entry fees

·       Ticket sales

·       Auctions

·       Raffles

·       Store collections

Please make sure that you use the Donation form in your pack and please check if you can that if people are ticking the box correctly they complete the Cancer Research Donation Form with all their details.

If you are putting money onto the website as a personal donation then please complete the “add gift aid” box  and equally, if you run an event and pay the money onto your team page then please do not tick the “add gift aid” box. 

Gift Aid for Candle Bags

When you make a donation for your candle bags and you are a tax payer you can claim Gift Aid using the Gift Aid Form from our site.

Please complete both sections of the form and email it or post it as detailed on the form.    Thank you.

Questions and Answers

Q   Recently I celebrated a birthday and asked for my friends to donate to Relay instead of buying me a present.  How can I ensure that Gift Aid can be claimed?

A   Ask your friends to add their donations and full details onto a CR donation form and hand to the Treasurer, Jane, as soon as possible.  If they prefer your friends can donate onto your CR Relay page and add Gift Aid immediately with the donation.  


If you have any other questions regarding finance please eMail

Banking Money

When you, or one of your team members, are collecting or fundraising please be very careful that you keep a brief account of the money that you have raised.  When you have completed the event you should pay your money to the Relay as quickly as possible.

There are three ways that you can do this:-

  1. Pay it directly to your team or your own page on the CRUK website. This is the easiest way for the money to reach Cancer Research as quickly as possible. You can put on the page how the money was raised and  you can see it immediately.  If you can’t find the page easily use this website and on the front page find the donate to a team button, you can choose your own team and will reach the CR site easily and can then donate to your team or to yourself.
  1. Pay the money directly into our Bank Account:-
  • Relay for Life Liskeard
  • Sort Code   30-95-08
  • Account Number 01759831

Please use a short reference eg Team name so that I will recognise your payment and send me a text or photo of your paying in slip to alert me to the payment. Follow up with a completed Event  Collection Form

  1. Pay the money to me with a completed form and I will bank it as soon as possible.  

If you choose either method 2 or 3 please complete the attached Event Collection Form so that I can see exactly how the money was collected, You can also decide if you want me to publish your fundraising on the CRUK website and whether you want it credited to you or to your team.  In some cases Team Captains send me a form saying that an event raised £100 and then a list of their team members to be credited – other teams just prefer to just ask me to allocate it to the team, not individuals.   Without this form I will not be able to credit the money to you.

You can email me at or contact me on 07985102666

Jane Gimblett – Treasurer 

Links to useful Resources

Please use these links to download useful documents.

Event collection form.  Used to list money collected with details of the type of event.

Cancer Research Donation form.  Used to record who has donated money and can be used to cliam Gift Aid

Virtual Fundraising Guide

Cancer Research UK have produced a guide with ideas for virtual relays.  The Fundraising at home guide has loads of ideas for events you can organise and run from home, ideal for these times of lockdown. 

Other resources are available on the Cancer Research UK website at

Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

Prize Draw - Terms and Conditions

To see full terms and conditions click here.

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