Meet the Committee

The committee is a group of relay volunteers who have put themselves forward to help organise the relay and fundraising activities throughout the year. 

Our Event Chair, Carrie take overall control of the Relay with the help of a group of volunteers.  The Committee meets at least once a month and plans all Committee events held.  Members of the committee take on particular responsibilities for parts of the Relay.  We are always looking for new volunteers to join the Committee – contact us to ask for more information on or leave a message on 01503 262933.

If you have any ideas on events, large or small, that you or we can run or other fund raising activities please contact either your team captains, a member of the committee or the event chair on  We are also looking for sponsors to boost our fundraising.


2022 Event



Jane Gimblett

I am responsible for keeping track of all the monies which are raised by or donated to teams or committee over the year.  I also ensure that the money we raise is sent off to CRUK as soon as possible.

Event Chair

Carrie Richards

I have been involved in Liskeard Relay for six years and have been part of the committee for most of that time.  This year I have taken on the role of Event Chair meaning I am responsible for making sure that all committee are working together towards our Relay 2022.



Joy Parker

I have been involved in Liskeard Relay for years and have been part of the committee for most of that time. 


Bernie Cole

I am responsible for ensuring that our VIPs , the survivors, are able to register for Relay and ensuring that they enjoy the experience of the event and their celebration tea.

Candle of Hope

Liskeard Relay Committee - Charlotte

Charlotte Willcocks

Last year I was the joint event chair.

I’ve been involved in the Candle of Hope for several years now and editing the Relay’s Facebook pages. last year I was jointly responsible for managing the first Virtual Relay in the UK in 2020.


Laurence Jewell

I have been involved in Relay for many years and have been in charge of organising the general running of the event site.  This involves coordinating teams, tents, gazebos and arranging medical and security at the event.


Kirra Patrick
Harry Jeffery​

This is our third year on the Committee for Liskeard Relay and we are making sure that we have some great entertainment throughout the Relay weekend.  We have music, dancing, games etc and we are always looking for anything new.


Alex the Catering chair

Alex Putna

I have been involved in Liskeard Relay for 13 years and was the Event Chair for the 2020 Virtual Relay.

This year I have taken on the role of Catering Chair meaning I am responsible for coordinating the food for relay.

Social Media

Della Lavers

Together with hubby, Chris, I have been involved in Relay for several years in different Roles.  We take part in a great many fundraising and collection opportunities and I work with  Charlotte on media and advertising etc.


Steve Gimblett

I generally support Jane and the committee where needed.

I help with distributing resources for events and technical issues including building and updating this web site.

Field Entertainment

Sarah Coley
Mo Coley

Cartoons against Cancer team have always been an entertaining and imaginative team, dressing up for all of the Themed Laps.  This year they will be organising and running entertainment events on and around the site.

Cancer Awareness

Chris Lavers

This is an important role helping to make people aware of the different types of cancer and the help available to support people dealing with Cancer themselves or with family or friends on their journey.