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Our fundraising depends on all our registered teams.  Each team is made up of a group of friends, family, work colleagues etc.  A team captain registers a new team name and then other adults or children can join that team.  Teams have any number of members generally 8-14 but we have had a team of 2 people and one of over 30 people.

Teams organise their own events during the year or volunteer to do Collections arranged by the committee. 

Currently Relay 2023 has 14 teams. You can join one of them or, if you prefer, you can start your own team.

You can use the links below the team details to donate to a team or to join any of the registered teams.  The team captain may need to let you have the password for the team so that you can join.

2nd Liskeard Brownie

Team captain: Eagle Owl Brownies

The Brownies are excited to take part in their first Relay for Life, they are excited to share some crafts with everyone over the weekend.

Bernie's Bosom Buddies

Team captain:  Bernadette Cole

 I am Bernie, welcome to our team. Cancer has been part of my life for many years, I am 3rd generation of breast cancer. Thanks to ground breaking research I am happy to say “I am surviving” my breast cancer diagnosis.

My team are an amazing group of friends that have had cancer effect them too, both personally and through family. This is not the only cancer to effect our team. So many have been my rocks and I can honestly say they have all been an amazing support when times have not felt so rosy.

We are dedicated to raising awareness and money to fund further research, to make make more success stories. I feel very honoured and humbled to know so many amazing people. Thank you x

Cartoons Against Cancer

Team captain: Morag Coley

We are the wacky, colourful and weird team, who can be seen in crazy costumes, galloping about trying to make people laugh and remember our wonderful event. We’ve been taking part in Relay for at least 9 years and literally wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Crafty Dodgers

Team captain: Tracy Dodge

This is the 1st year as team crafty dodgers, but we have done many relays previously. Raising money for cancer research is close to our hearts having lost many family and friends to this wretched disease. Our team member Amanda is a survivor who beat childhood leukaemia twice. We know 1st hand what it’s like and what goes on in the journey to fight it. We are a team who like to have fun and we all do some form of crafting hence the team name! So here we are ready to relay, raise money to fight back at this disease.

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Living Proof

Team captain:  Doreen Jackson

This team represents all those surviving a cancer diagnosis – positive affirmation of the results of fundraising… ‘Living Proof’.
Led by Doreen Jackson and supported by members of her family this team
fundraises throughout the year.
Please come and see them on their stall at Relay and buy some plants to help
support their fundraising efforts.

Looe Layabouts

Looe Layabouts Team for Relay 2024

Team captain: Carrie Richards

We just wanted to make a difference!

This is our 9th year of taking part in this incredible event.

We are a small team consisting of family and friends, and we relay to help Cancer Research continue it’s amazing work and together we are beating Cancer!

Marching Minions

Team captain: Charlotte Willcocks

This is our 8th Relay! This team was formed in memory of my Grandad and many others who have lost their fight. It became far more personal when my dad got diagnosed last year and we had our first survivors on our team. Going through this difficult time gave us a closer perspective on life with Cancer but we are extremely thankful for all of Cancer Research UK’s hard work in fighting this disease.

Mixed Allsorts

Team captain: Laura Jewell

Mixed Allsorts return for another year! Mixed Allsorts is made up of old and new
team members of friends and family. Across the years we have united, from 85
years old to 10 months old, all with one goal: to raise money and awareness to give
cancer the boot.

Mixed Allsorts would like to thank Mark Pepper of No9 Pep’s Emporium for his
support this year.

Parkers' Pink Ladies

Team captain: Joy Parker

We are a dedicated, committed team made up from family members and close friends spanning three generations. It always has been, and still is our aim to put the fun into fundraising. We all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer hence our continued support for the work of Cancer Research UK.                                            

Having participated every year since the very first Relay for Life Liskeard in 2008, we are more determined than ever to do all we can to contribute to another successful year and to celebrate a very special 16th Relay for Life Liskeard. 

Remember, Celebrate, Fight Back. Together we can help beat cancer sooner.

Pelynt Choir

Pelynt MVC performing at Liskeard Relay For Life

Team captain: Dennis Julian

A male voice choir which is based in Pelynt with members from east Cornwall.

The choir have been taking part in Liskeard Relay since 2007 and take part in this fantastic event as many of the choir and their wives have been touched by cancer and fortunately most have survived. We all feel the importance of research.

Pensilva Posse

Team captain: Alex Putna

A team of family and friends united in their commitment to doing anything and everything to try to find everyone’s happy news and have more birthdays to celebrate.  

One family

          One village

                    One hope


Quilt of Hope Cornwall

Team captain: Della Lavers

To celebrate our 10th year in 2023 we have rebranded and are back as Team Quilt of Hope Cornwall

We have entered teams for 9 years as Creative Academy (plus two years without official team) with over £15,000 raised

This year we are aiming to complete our first Quilt of Hope. If you would like to be part of our quilt please donate and let Della know what you would like on your very own patch. 

We usually offer Nail Art, mini manicures and Glitter Tattoos at Relay weekend as well as  the quilt and this year for the first time we have our #hopeheartonyoursleeve pin brooches. Hand crafted, every one is unique. £5 each and 100% goes to Cancer Research UK

We are also proud to have Luke Middleton, writer and performer of The Relay for Life Song, as part of our family and team.


The Lions Club of Liskeard

Team captain:  Craig Crispin

Liskeard Lions raises money from its activities which is applied for charitable purposes. Cancer Research is a Charity that through its work investigating the cause and treatment of cancers has and will continue to save many lives. Liskeard Lions find it hard to think of any more noble and worthwhile cause and are proud to take part in Relay for Life to assist in some small way to that objective.

The Song Birds

Team captain:  Kath Vineer

Our team is made up of family and friends and several members of Keltique Choir. Many of our lives have been touched by cancer and knowing there is so much love and support from our Relay family gives us strength and determination to fight against this cruel disease.

We are looking forward to our second relay – we enjoyed last year so much we knew we had to do it again!

Wilsons are Fast & Furious

Team Captain:  Shaun Wilson

This year Wilson’s Walkers and the Not Fast but Furious decided to amalgamate to make a stronger team, which has proved successful with our fundraising so far. We are on track to raise £3000 this year, which is great as Cancer Research needs this money so greatly. We are a group of lifelong friends who have all been affected by this awful disease but have witnessed first-hand the new and amazing treatments available through research. The team is passionate about raising money for this great cause, whilst having fun and making memories. And of course, remembering our lost members and family. Our favourite relay quote is “Cancer doesn’t sleep and nor do we!”

Liskeard Committee

Team Captain of Stride with Hope team

Team captain:  Hope

This is a committee collecting team.  Funds still go to Cancer Research UK, but are not attributed to any one team.

We now have two contactless card readers which pay directly into the Cancer Research UK bank account.  Money raised using these readers goes to the committee team and is used to pay for essentials on the relay day like the first aid, security and towards equipment for the entertainment.

This is supporting the supporters who support Cancer Research Uk.

Start a new Team

Team captain:

If you have registered a new team, not listed above, let me know and I will add you to the page.  If you can send me a team or relevent photo with some text I will include those. 

email to


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